Holmquist Design Services, LLC is a full-service "end-to-end" graphic design and web development firm. Michelle & Steve Holmquist founded the company in 2002 with 43 years of combined "front lines education" in desktop publishing and design, incomparable customer service, computers and technology, and website design and development.

In 4 short years, the Holmquists have fostered relationships with more than 150 clients on projects ranging from not-for-profit fundraising, to cover-to-cover magazine design, to small business brand development, to websites for more industries than they even knew existed. Their network of providers for everything from embroidered shirts, printing, and vehicle signage to web hosting and database development allows them to offer their clients seamless solutions, whatever the need.

Michelle, the "artsy" one, has a Bachelor's degree in Advertising from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She's spent 18 years in the design and print world with the University of Illinois, Kinko's, Xerox, Oregon State University, CNH Global (formerly Case Corporation) and others. Michelle takes great pride in getting to know her clients, their businesses, and their industries, in order to design and develop solutions with tons of personality and appeal. She handles every project from concept through production - including working with printers and other vendors to ensure her clients receive top notch quality and service at the best possible prices.

Steve, the self-proclaimed "code monkey", touched his first computer, an Apple II, in 1978. He's been making them sing ever since he programmed that first one to play Beethoven's Für Elise. After 20 years of being the guy everyone called (and no one paid) when their computers misbehaved, he spent 7 years marching to the drum of corporate tech departments. After programming sites for itTV, Firestone, Carson's, Firstar Bank, Kohler, and others, he now brings his wealth of experience and expertise to the designs Michelle creates. The results of this unique partnership are websites that don't just look good, but also work like a dream for every visitor using any browser. It's a powerful combination that's surprisingly uncommon with most web development firms.

Holmquist Design experienced triple-digit growth in each of its first 3 years, and is currently looking at 2006 revenues that are 2 times those of 2005. Their unwavering dedication to customer delight, paired with their exceptional skill and unique vision, has positioned the Holmquists for a long and bright entrepreneurial future.

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